Universal Covenant of Ecumenics International
on the Abolishment of Female and Male Genital Mutilation,
Painfully Commemorating Billions of Victims,
and Honoring All Martyrs of Human Rights, Justice, Peace,
and the Integrity of the Ecuméne

In eternal memory of the people whose cosmic awe, universal reverence, and divine passion encouraged them to challenge the bloody trajectory of female and male genital mutilation (i.e., circumcision, infibulation, excision, subincision, incision, and the like), the collective sign and symbol of humanity's contemporary state of self-degradation sealed by incalculable mutilated, delicate clitorises, by innumerable shredded, tender foreskins, and too often by complete, innocent genitalia, a collective bloodbath, greater in count than the fatalities of all historical holocausts.

In remembrance of the legion of victims of genital crimes, the most atrocious of all violations against nature, the greatest of all socially-sanctioned obscenities, accepted and upheld as modern idolatry by lands crippled spiritually, annihilating all visions of an holistic worldview.

In honor of the individuals boldly retraditioning popular canons of female sexuality and promoting the radiating glory of the complete, unblemished woman, of male sexuality and advocating for the overpowering beauty and splendor of the natural, intact man, and of human wholeness above reproach and free of corruption.

And in hope of the ones yet born, defending, preserving, and protecting the most endangered of all divine deposits: the intellectual, physical, and spiritual elements of humanity, of every molecule of creation, inclusive of each part of the universe.

Through the cataclysmic cries and lives of billions of children and adults, the universe begins to heal and regain its most blessed and treasured state: a spiritual people, a humanity of intellect in reason, of flesh in majesty, of spirit in sanctity: one ecuméne, one whole world, complete of all, integral for all.

Respecting all of the global concerns above, and moved to immediate action, Ecumenics International, Inc. is resolved by natural human necessity to progressive engagement of promoting the abolishment of all forms of female and male genital mutilation, of participating in the painful commemoration of billions of victims, and of honoring most readily all martyrs of human rights, justice, peace, and the integrity of the ecuméne.

Ecumenics International, Inc.
Sloatsburg, New York USA
United Nations Human Rights Day
December 10, 1993
Copyright 1993

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